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It is true that Biden won the most votes cast for a U.S. presidential candidate, amassing about 81 million votes.

- USA Today

Such a popular president should have some truly epic YouTube numbers. Let's keep track. I'm sure we won't see anything weird happening, such as dislikes being thrown out in the wee hours of the morning.

Verifying the accuracy of the data

I encourage visitors to this site, especially reporters, to verify the deletion phenomenon for themselves. To do so, go to the official White House YouTube channel and find a new video that is a few hours old. Click on the video and go to its page. Take a screenshot of the likes and dislikes, being sure that your computer's/phone's clock is visible in the screenshot (example). Once per hour, come back to the page, reload it so that the newest totals appear, and take another screenshot. Do that over the course of the day, and you will almost certainly see that YouTube deletes dislikes repeatedly. Check back the next day, and you will see the deletions continuing throughout that day as well. Finally, check your screenshots against the video's chart at 81m.org (based on the timestamp in each of your screenshots), and you will see that the two data sources, your screenshots and my charts, line up for the official likes and dislikes. (There might be small discrepancies due to our respective samples being taken a few minutes apart.)

If you want to go further:

My real likes and real dislikes stats are simply computed from all the increases to likes/dislikes (but ignoring decreases). You can check the arithmetic in the "Last ... stats" table on each video page at 81m.org. You can download the full data on each page as CSV, TSV, or JSON files if you want to do your own charting. Also note that my real likes and real dislikes statistics almost always line up very closely for the videos in the comparison data, like those by PewDiePie.


Video age Check frequency
<1 day every 10 minutes
<3 days every 20 minutes
<7 days every 30 minutes
<14 days every 6 hours
<28 days every 12 hours
>=28 days every 24 hours



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