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The REAL stats on "Did They Deserve It?" by PewDiePie

About this data: We show the REAL like/dislike ratio on all of the YouTube videos produced by the Biden White House. YouTube routinely manipulates the like/dislike ratio in Biden's favor by deleting dislikes. Using YouTube's own API, we track the real likes and dislikes, and we show you the real stats. (more info)

Did They Deserve It?

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzRMvtOTyQw


Real approval rate1 98.67% (ignoring any deleted dislikes)

Official YouTube approval rate2 98.67%

Manipulation amount3 0.00%

Last 3 stats

Time4 Likes (change) Dislikes (change) Total Approval (change) Views (change)
15602 0 178 0 15780 98.8720% 0.0000% 96306 0
20924 5322 273 95 21197 98.7121% -0.1599% 133930 37624
25268 4344 341 68 25609 98.6684% -0.0436% 163044 29114

1 To calculate the real dislikes on a video, we tabulate only increases to the dislikes, and ignore decreases. On normal YouTube videos (e.g., on PewDiePie's videos), the official YouTube stats and our real stats completely agree. On many White House videos, there is a huge discrepancy between official dislikes and our calculated real dislikes.

2 likes / (likes + dislikes), as reported by the YouTube API, expressed as a percentage.

3 real_dislikes / official_dislikes - 1. For example, if YouTube says a video currently has only 100 dislikes, but we know that they deleted 900 dislikes and the real dislikes should be 1000, then we would report this as a manipulation amount of 900.00%.

4 Time: The time at which the stats were scraped from YouTube.com. Times are eastern time zone (Washington D.C., UTC-05:00).

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